About The Show • Golden Mask Dynasty

OCT Theatre in Beijing presents a spectacle like never seen before. Known as "The Golden Mask Dynasty Show", this famous performance is a one of a kind in the Chinese theatre scene. After it's first debut, now more than ten years ago, the show has remained hugely successful at the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

The magical play is set in the Golden Mask Dynasty in ancient China. Devided in 8 sections, the story is about a queen who wears the golden mask. She sets out on a quest on creating the most magnificent dynasty China has ever seen.

With more than 200 highly skillful actors, this 70 minute show is guaranteed to keep the audience entertained. Acts range from acrobatics, to dance, singing, martial arts and more!

A feast of all the senses, the colorful show is filled with action and takes you to a trip into the ancient land of China.

The OCT Theatre represents some of the most advanced stage technology today available. The Golden Mask Dynasty is a show that is not to be missed.

OCT Theatre is located near the popular Happy Valley amusement park. You can combine the Golden Mask Dynasty show and the amusements for a fun day trip with the whole family or friends!

OCT Theatre & Happy Valley welcomes you to a unforgettable night in Beijing!

Watch the show trailer to get a glimpse of some amazing scenes of the show. Choose YouTube for most countries, or Youku if you are in China. Enjoy the show.


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